Mayor's wedding to cap off Pride Week in South Bend

Mayor Pete Buttigieg and fiance Chasten Glezman. Photo provided by the city of South Bend.

Tonight (Thursday) is Pride Night at Four Winds Field. It's all part of South Bend's Pride Week, celebrating the LGBT community.

This is just one of the week's events.

There's something going on almost every night for Pride Week

Tonight the crowd at the South Bend Cubs game will be filled with people in exclusive pride gear.

The first pitch will be thrown by Mayor Pete Buttigieg's fiancé Chasten Glezman.

It's a special pride week for the couple as they are getting married on Saturday.

And the couple has been working to get the community involved in their celebration.

A gallery called "Love from South Bend" will be on display at the Langlab from June 18 to the 29th.

The gallery coordinator says it’s the couple's way to reach out to the public since not everyone can be invited to the wedding.

The mayor and his fiancé picked out the 17 pieces themselves. The goal was to showcase diverse local artists.

"…I think that they chose these pieces because they represent different diverse forms of love,” said Rebecca Shafer, gallery coordinator. “Some of these pieces have to do with love lost. Some of them have to do with love existing. A lot of them have to do with partnership. I think those are fantastic themes for a wedding but also for a show because love is one of the most universal understandings that no one understands."

Obviously not everyone could be invited to the wedding. That's why it will be live streamed on the Cathedral of Saint James YouTube channel:

The game kicks off a little after 7.

For a full list of Pride Week events, click here:

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