Medal of Honor Recipient Speaks in St. Joseph, Michigan


The Medal of Honor is the highest award any veteran can receive for their service.

One of those men was in St. Joseph, Michigan Thursday night to share his story as a Combat Medic.

Several people showed up for the event.

Many people are here at The Heritage Museum and Cultural Center to hear firsthand the struggles and stories of veteran, Jim McCloughan.

On July 31st 2017, Jim McCloughan received the Congressional Medal of Honor, 48 years after he served as a combat medic during the Vietnam war.

"I was excited for my men I was excited for those who had fought that battle. Because I'm really just a caretaker for the 89 man that went in against over 2400 soldiers that were in VA and NVC,” said McCloughan.

McCloughan says he spent 3 days in the jungle in May of 1969.

Attending to the wounded and trying to stay alive.

McCloughan says he was not originally nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor, but with the encouragement and help of others, patiently waited for 9 years to clear the red tape.

“So when I got to the desk of Ashton Carter and he read all the eyewitness letters and all the materials that Lieutenant Clark had prepared he said that the distinguished service Cross was not high enough so he was the one that nominated me for the Congressional medal of honor,” said McCloughan.

Gary Lulenski was in the same division as McCloughan.

He remembers the day he watched President Trump give him his medal.

"Number of soldiers who is the lives he had saved were also there as well as eight other Medal of Honor recipients. There are very few medal of honor recipient so it was wonderful to see the turn out and President Trump gave him a big hug that was a good moment for Americans it really was,” said Lulenski.

McCloughan has been traveling the last few months to tell others his story.

He's hoping with all these events he'll bring more positive awareness to Vietnam Veterans.

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