Mel Hall wins Democratic primary for Indiana's 2nd Congressional District

Mel Hall has won the Democratic primary for Indiana's 2nd Congressional District. He was in the race against five other Democrats who were looking for the right to face Republican incumbent Jackie Walorski this fall.

Hall is the former CEO of Press Ganey.

One Republican, Mark Summe, challenged Walorski today. He is a doctoral candidate at Notre Dame in the department of Chemical Biomolecular Engineering. But he has not spoken publicly about his goals for his campaign.

Walorski did not seem to be concerned about her contest with Summe. She handily won her primary.

Representative Walorski wasn’t even in Indiana today, but in session in Washington D.C.

Walorski has held her seat since 2012, representing the South Bend/Elkhart area and down toward Rochester, Peru and Wabash.

She says her focus is on rolling back regulations, fighting for the local manufacturing economy and supporting veterans.

Hall says he will work to boost wages and job growth, as well as expand access to healthcare.

He was fired up and on message as he declared victory Tuesday night.

At times he became emotional, but mostly he was fired up and so was the crowd. He reminded them he won all ten counties of the district in this primary and he says he is ready to compete against Jackie Walorski in all ten counties in November.

“Do you want to win? Do you want to flip this seat? Do you want to focus on issues that matter? Let’s go! Yeah!”

Hall says he believes his data-driven campaign played a key part in his win and no doubt that strategy will continue into November.

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