Men talk about how they captured an alligator found living in Plymouth


It's a local story that went viral, the unbelievable story about an alligator found living in Plymouth.

Two men caught it Wednesday morning and removed in from the neighborhood pond.

One of the men says he has experience capturing gators.

Brandon Crawford of Goshen and his friend Cody Rhoads say they heard about the alligator while watching WSBT 22’s Facebook live Tuesday night.

That's when they took things into their own hands.

Rhoads says someone sent him a link to the live video from WSBT 22's Heather Black about Ali the alligator making himself at home in a Plymouth subdivision.

That's when he decided to call his friend Crawford.

“I told him, ‘Well, there's a gator here’ and we heard people were flipping out about it so we came over and went over there,” said Rhoads.

The pair said they got permission from the property owner and staked out the gator.

After spotting his eyes, they appealed to his taste buds in order to lure him in.

"I threw chicken liver out there. That didn't work. So we had a rope, and he got the rope out and got a frog and basically tied the frog to a rope,” said Rhoads.

They say catching Ali wasn't easy. When the gator finally took the bait, Crawford was able to reel him and grab it and hold on tight.

“I’ve done this before. I'm originally from Texas so we do gator hunting,” said Crawford.

The men put the gator in a bathtub and called police.

It was taken to a rehab center for wildlife.

No one was hurt.

“We weren't expecting to catch it but we got it done,” said Rhoads.

Crawford and Rhoads measured Ali at two feet seven inches.

The gator was caught humanely. No hooks were used or anything that would hurt it.

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