Michigan City bridge buckles in the cold

    Franklin Street Bridge in Michigan City // WSBT 22 photo

    A knockout blow for a popular local bridge. Our recent record cold snap is part of the reason.

    The Franklin Street Bridge in Michigan City is closed, and that's making it very tough to get to the lakeshore.

    This bridge is 87 years old.

    And just like with anything, it’s started to break down with age.

    Then — on top of all those years of service — we had that nasty cold snap a couple weeks ago.

    Poor old Franklin Street Bridge just couldn’t handle it.

    The bridge buckled so bad, county leaders say you could see massive humps in the road surface.

    They say the bridge gets yearly maintenance to try to prevent those things, but it’s gotten to the point where the bridge can’t be safely used.

    And county leaders say these crews are going to tear the whole thing open.

    The thought is, as long as you’ve got it opened up, you better fix whatever you can get at, because we don’t want to put all this money into the bridge and then it doesn’t open or it breaks mid-year or within a year or two years," said Richard Mrozinski, (R) LaPorte County Commissioner. "We want it to last a long time."

    One of the big concerns with this bridge being closed is emergency response times.

    This is the quickest ways to get to a lot of homes.

    Commissioner Mrozinski says there are other ways around, but there’s a meeting today to discuss how first responders should handle those routes.

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