Michigan City children from Hurricane Irma receive surprise presents

Michigan City children from Hurricane Irma receive surprise presents. // WSBT 22

It's been several months since Hurricane Irma swept through the Caribbean, leaving many homeless.

Some of those people have relocated to new areas. One of those families moved to Michigan City to be closer to relatives.

This family received some unexpected gifts Wednesday. The children didn't expect the gifts at all.

The home these two siblings lived in had the roof torn off by the storm. Their aunt is taking care of them while their parents try to get their home back together.

With the holiday season, the aunt feared she wouldn't be able to provide a Christmas for the kids.

Months ago, Hurricane Irma hit St. Thomas, causing Zian and Zianna Moolenaar to move with their aunt to Michigan City.

They lost everything. But Wednesday they had a visit from a new friend. Little did they know gifts would be on the other side of the door.

Brittany Lisoski asked her boss at D & M Excavating to help provide a great Christmas for these kids.

Ironically enough, Lisoski met the siblings a few weeks ago through the Deserving Children Shopping Tour by the LaPorte Jaycees.

"We expected just the normal kids until we got to the Orac where we had dinner, and just their mannerisms from wiping their crumbs off of their table, which is so unheard of for six and seven-years-olds to do. Just how polite and appreciative they were the whole entire time," said Lisoski.

That's when Lisoski learned they were from St. Thomas.

"They shared with me just little things like she had a Dora blanket that didn't cover her toes. That her favorite color was purple because it meant prosperity. What kind of seven-year-old knows stuff like that?" said Lisoski.

Zian and Zianna were excited to receive so many new gifts. They even had a favorite. Zian said the tablet and Zianna said the baby doll.

Both siblings are happy to see people they barely know help them have a brighter Christmas.

"I love the gifts and thank you for them," said Zian.

Zian and Zianna weren't the only ones who received presents. Their aunt and cousin had a few gifts of their own.

The father of the siblings is still in St. Thomas.

WSBT 22 was told Wednesday that they just recently had electricity restored.

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