Michigan's Governor elect Gretchen Whitmer is ready to get to work

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The day after midterm elections, Michigan’s Governor elect Gretchen Whitmer says she is ready to get to work.

Mikenzie Frost tells us about her plans for Michigan's future.

January 1st at noon, Democrat Gretchen Whitmer will take over as Michigan’s next governor.

Despite that being 55 days from now, Whitmer says she is already starting her transition.

Leading that team is Farmington Hills attorney and long-time Democrat Mark Bernstein. He also served on an advisory committee that helped select Garlin Gilchrist as her running mate.

Whimter will be working with a Republican-controlled legislature, but she says she is confident that relationships will be built.

“I’ll be reaching out to them to start building that relationship and maintaining it throughout the course of the four years,” said Whitmer. “That’s extremely important to governance, that’s what the people of Michigan want and expect form us”

Whitmer says her first legislative priority is infrastructure and drinking water.

“We’ve got a lot of communities that can’t drink the water coming out of their tap,” said Whitmer. “Of course we will be writing a state budget very quickly here and introducing it in the early part of next year. These are the first fundamentals that we will be rolling up our sleeves and getting to work on.”

As for fixing the roads, the linchpin in her campaign platform will be funding.

“My goal is to make sure that we have a dedicated source, and I need legislative partners that will help me get that done,” said Whitmer. “If they’re not strong enough to do it, then I’ve always said I’ll go to the voters and go for a bond. First and foremost, I want to sit down with the leadership and really talk about how to fix this.”

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