A look at safety during 'Michigan's Longest Garage Sale'

WSBT 22 photo

Garage sales have taken over US 12. It's the annual event that stretches from New Buffalo to Detroit.

That means a lot of traffic along US 12 this weekend. That can mean accidents.

Last year a woman was hit by a car and killed while shopping.

WSBT 22 checked in with shoppers and police to see how they're keeping everyone safe.

Wayne Iseminger and his wife have already found a few treasures today along US 12.

Nothing real big, probably won't. We don't really need anything, but it's fun to shop anyway."

They started the trail in New Buffalo.

We ran into them between Niles and Edwardsburg.

Roads like US 12 are the way they like to travel.

"It's kind of out in the country, a little scenery. You go through the little towns and see things.”

"Speeding's pretty bad through here, generally,” says Trooper Aaron Adams with the Michigan State Police.

He says most people aren't used to stopping and parking on 55 mile per hour roads.

“Someone like this with their brake lights on, you don’t really know if they’re going to pull out or if they’re parking or checking stuff out.”

He's out on the road today in hopes it'll remind people to pay attention and slow down.

“Hopefully a presence, with a lot of population out there it’s obviously a lot harder to stop cars sometimes. Especially with the yard sales going on, but hopefully just an officer presence kind of slows people down, makes them more cautious with their driving.”

Wayne and his wife have made safety part of their game plan.

"We'll be going east on 12,” said Iseminger. “We're doing everything on the right side. Then on the way back we'll do everything on the right side. That way we don't have to cross the highway.”

The sales along US 12 go through Sunday.

For a map of this weekend's sales, click here.

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