Mishawaka Mayor says 2018 "won't disappoint" in his State of the City Address


A ground-breaking year-- that's the theme of the Mishawaka Mayor's State of the Union Address.

Monday, Mayor Dave Wood laid out the accomplishments from 2017 and where the city is heading in 2018.

He says 2017 was the city's best year since the Great Recession in 2008.

Wood spoke about hundreds of jobs created and investors coming from all over, showing interest in building throughout the city.

“Mishawaka continues to be fundamentally strong, physically stable, safe, and we are growing,” said Wood.

Wood's State of the City addressed achievements in 2017-- from the opening of the new VA Clinic, to recognizing local first responders actions to save lives.

“Officer Bartlett and Fireman Taylor acted without hesitation despite harsh conditions. To save a life of another without regards to their own safety,” said Wood.

During his speech, Wood spoke about the growth and construction throughout the city.

Tim Ryan says it's evident the city is heading in the right direction.

“I think it shows the city is healthy. I think that people want to come to Mishawaka right now and raise their families and be a part of this community,” said Ryan,

Wood says the upcoming year won't disappoint. He says one big event in Mishawaka will be a work project to build new homes run by Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter.

“The [former] president and Mrs. Carter, along with hundreds of Habitat for Humanity volunteers from around the world, will come to Mishawaka for one week to build simple decent affordable homes that families well own through no interest home mortgages,” said Wood.

He says that building project will take place the last weekend in August. They're already looking for volunteers to sign-up.

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