Mishawaka police search for man who they say vandalized Columbus statue

Photo Provided by Mishawaka Police Department

Police are asking for your help finding the person who vandalized a statue.

Mishawaka Police released a picture from a surveillance camera.

They say it shows the man putting red paint on the Christopher Columbus statue at Central Park.

In the picture, he's wearing a dark jacket, light colored pants, a dark hat and is carrying a backpack.

This is the second time in two months the statue has been vandalized.

"Those are things that kind of show the history of our community, things like that there. So we don't really want our statues and our city property, as far as parks, vandalized because again it keeps people from wanting to go down there and experiencing our natural resources, which are honestly phenomenal," said Lieutenant Tim Williams Mishawaka Police Department.

The person responsible could face vandalism changes.

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