Moms First: Seminar to help parents navigate technology with their kids

Seminar to help parents navigate technology with their kids. // WSBT 22

The world wide web can be wonderful for kids when it comes to exploring and learning, but like anything else, it also has a darker side.

One Granger church is hoping to help parents navigate this tough topic by bringing in some experts.

According to national statistics 79-percent of kids unwanted exposure to internet porn takes place in the home and 76-percent of online predators are ages 26 or older.

These staggering statistics have fueled Granger Community Church to act by holding a seminar on online safety tomorrow (Wednesday) for any mom, dad, step parents or grandparents here in Michiana.

"The digital cultural age that we live in is very difficult,” said Mark Besson, lead pastor with Granger Community Church.

Besson says with kids being more and more consumed by digital devices, parents need to take charge.

"It's difficult to be a parent today. We give our kids a phone and it literally has access to the world and we might find ourselves in a circumstance where children are exposed to things we would prefer them not to, so how we handle social media tools,” Besson said.

A recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found kids spend about seven and a half hours a day on entertainment media-- with a lot of that time online.

"Kids will be asked questions online. Where do you live? What time do you get home from school? And children think they have to be polite, but children need to learn online you don't have to be polite to strangers. Online, in fact, might be a good idea not to,” said Besson.

Granger Community Church is holding a seminar called "Protect Young Eyes." It's open to the public to help parents protect their kids from online dangers.

“The seminar that we are dealing with should help parents address this digital challenge. We want kids to be able to use the digital tools that are available, but how they use them is going to take some guidance, counsel and help,” Besson said.

He says the 90 minute seminar, hosted by the nationally known team from Protect Young Eyes, explains risks and parental controls and teaches parents how to monitor and filter apps on the internet.

"We are opening this to everyone. This is for every parent, step parent, we must get a grip on how to help our kids live in real time in a real world in a digital age,” Besson said.

There is a five-dollar cost to attend the seminar. They hope people will pre-register, so they can accommodate the crowd.

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