More than 100,000 pounds of food donated to area food banks

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It's the season of giving.

More than a 100,000 lbs. of food were donated to the Food Bank of Northern Indiana Thursday.

High school students collected all of it.

The associate director of the food bank says more people tend to give during the holidays, but donations really slowed during the summer months.

Students who participated in the Student Hunger Drive say the event reminded them of the importance of giving all year long.

"I like to help people, so even just giving food just makes me feel good," said Laurine Davidson, a student at Washington High School.

Together, 10 high schools collected about 124,000 lbs. of food.

"These are future leaders in our community and these kids are really doing amazing things," said Marijo Martinec, the associate director of the Food Bank of Northern Indiana.

The food bank fed more than a half-million households in our area last year.

In all, 34 percent of those people were under 17 years old.

"So many kids at our school could be one of the people that we're helping and we might not even know it," Martinec said.

One in six adults and one in four children in northern Indiana go hungry. It's why the Food Bank is in need 365 days a year, not just during the holidays.

"This summer was difficult for our organization because we had an awesome summer," Martinec said. "The weather was beautiful, but people aren't thinking about donating food or their time to organizations when the weather is so nice."

"We should not only do it just for this Thanksgiving, we should do it all year round," said Carlondrea Petty, a sophomore at Marian High School.

"People should always try to be a positive impact on the world and always do something to make somebody smile," said Monica Duarte, a student at LaPorte High School. "It will make their day."

Here's a list of events for the Food Bank of Northern Indiana.

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