Mosquitoes could be more of a problem than usual this summer

Mosquitoes are out. You have probably noticed.

And some experts say we are in for a summer filled with mosquito bites.

The rain and warm weather has been perfect for mosquitoes, and it’s not over for a while.

Plus, this year could be worse than others.

Technicians at Mosquito Squad are out aiming to get rid of those blood thirsty bugs, and keeping an eye out for standing water...

Meanwhile, Notre dame professor David Severson is breeding them.

Severson has been studying mosquitoes for decades.

The rain we have seen this spring, plus those hot and humid temperatures, were perfect for mosquitoes.

Plus, Severson says – just like in the lab – mosquito eggs can remain dormant, waiting for the perfect conditions.

Right now the conditions are pretty good for a large mosquito population, unfortunately. If it persists through the summer, it is going to be a high mosquito population summer.

Severson says you won't be able to get rid of all the mosquitoes in your yard, but you can help control the population by getting rid of standing water.

Plus bug sprays will help protect from those nasty bites.

Mosquito control companies can try to help. But it's a problem we will likely be battling all summer.

In our area mosquitoes could carry West Nile or encephalitis, so this is serious stuff.

The state of Indiana monitors and collects data on these types of infections.

So far there have been no cases of either, but it is very early in the season.

To see Indiana's mosquito data, click here.

Click here for Michigan's data.

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