National Girl Power Day: Bremen students celebrate STEM

Girl Power Day in Bremen// WSBT 22

It's National Girl Power Day! A day created to increase female participation in robotics.

A group of young ladies in Bremen celebrated by building robots.

This day was started by the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation.

Girls throughout the world are stepping out of their comfort zones and learning about activities that were once considered just for boys.

Chemistry, teamwork and robotics -- are some of things these ladies learned -- while participating in the Girl Powered Workshop.

"This is just to give them a little taste of what it's like to do robotics and be around women who are encouraging them to dive into the field of science and technology,” said Project Lead the Way Instructor, Sabrina Wickens.

Wickens is also a Robotics Coach at Bremen Elementary and Middle School. She says she's seeing more girls interested robotics.

"Last year, we started a robotics team and I had enough girls interested. We actually applied for a grant and I have now two all-girls robotics teams in the Elementary. One of those is sponsored by the Rec Foundation through the Girl Power Program,” said Wickens.

Diana Humfleet is the only girl on her middle school's robotics team. So she's glad to hang out with more girls while doing what she loves.

"I also do like all the stuff that we get to do. Not only do we get to work with just robotics – we get into the STEM portion of it more than we actually do in the robotics competition and stuff,” said Humfleet.

Mackenzie Feathers also participated in the Girl Power Day. Feathers says she's always liked building things with her hands.

"I like to build with blocks, Legos, stuff like that and then building an actual robot with a motor and everything and like being able to drive it in competitions. It's just really fun and interesting to me,” she said.

Wickens says the workshop not only introduces girls to robotics and science but it gives them a head start on their future careers.

"Right now, they are telling us that the jobs that these children are going to be having don't even exist yet. And they are in those field of STEM,” Wickens.

Bremen Elementary and Middle went from three robotics teams last year to nine this year.

The teacher says girls are starting to show more interest in things like robotics at earlier ages.

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