Niles council proposes marijuana ordinance, may prohibit certain marijuana establishments

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    Election day is only two weeks away.

    One proposal on the Michigan ballot to legalize recreational marijuana has cities concerned.

    Niles is taking precautions now before the vote.

    City council members introduced a proposed ordinance tonight (Monday) regarding marijuana.

    It would completely prohibit marijuana establishments within the city, except for the ones who have already applied for a medical marijuana license from the state.

    Council members say the main idea is for this to be a temporary ordinance.

    It gives the city time to evaluate what the ramifications of the new law would be if the proposal on the ballot passes.

    With the new ordinance, the medical marijuana establishments in Niles can sell recreational marijuana if the state grants them a license.

    Niles is only one of three communities to already have a medical marijuana ordinance.

    Many community members came out tonight to have their own questions about the ordinance answered.

    “It's so we can wait and see how the state is going to respond if recreational marijuana passes on the ballot, because we expect there to be some changes,” said Robert Durm, Niles councilman.

    “I wanted to know what the feeling on the board was, in terms of why they were going to have the prohibition,” said Jill Meunic, concerned citizen. “Prohibition in my mind means one thing and perhaps to someone else, it means something else.”

    The council members say they are now in a holding pattern to see what comes about with the possible new state laws.

    If the legalization of recreational marijuana passes on election day, the council will vote on the proposed ordinance November 12th.

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