Niles Library helps teachers collect supplies for their classrooms


Many teachers pay out of pocket for school supplies throughout the year.

The Niles library is helping local teachers save a few dollars with a school supply drive.

This is the first year for the event.

The library organizer says she saw that many people provide supplies for students but not a lot for teachers.

After speaking to local teachers she was able to create the drive with help from the community.

Rhonda Belcher spends her summers encouraging kids to read.

But the rest of the year she teaches them in the classroom.

The second-grade teacher says she spends more than a thousand dollars a year of her own money on school supplies alone.

“Like individual students might bring in a pencil box of what they need but then we need markets and crayons and things like that especially throughout the year when things get lost. Or broken. Nobody has a yellow crayon anymore so we need to replenish those types of things,” said Belcher.

Caryn Adler is the supply drive organizer at Niles District Library.

She started the event when she heard how much teachers spend on supplies each year.

“We want to let teachers know how much we support them not only as a library but as a community. The businesses in the community and the individuals in the community that are making the donations,” said Adler.

But the Library isn't the only group supporting teachers.

15 businesses in Niles have baskets to collect supplies.

Including Pizza Transit which is offering free fountain drinks in exchange for school supplies.

“We get so many kids in here so it’s nice to know that these young people we get to make pizzas for. They’re also starting off their year off and have the supplies they need. It’s good to know that we can fill their tummies and help them out with their school supplies too,” said Sarah Brittin.

The drive goes through August 30th.

Once donations are collected the library will have several days where teachers can come pick up supplies.

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