Niles sweet shop tradition continues with handmade candy canes


Plenty of peppermint candy canes made by machines, in factories, are on the shelves at stores.

Veni's Sweet Shop in Niles has made it a tradition to make their candy canes by hand.

This process takes time and skill. Every step has to be completed quick and well to get just candy canes just right.

Linda Skwarcan is the General Manager at Veni's Sweet Shop. She and her co-worker Sandy work together to make all of their candy canes by hand.

After the candy is cooked and flavor is added, they pour it on the marble workstation to cool.

Part is colored red for the stripes. Another part is pulled on the candy cane hook.

The pair work in tandem. It's crucial to keep the candy at the right temperature, every step of the way.

Heaters keep the candy warm. Then Sandy rolls out each piece and shapes them into canes.

Linda says these candy canes are special because they are all unique.

"No two are alike. Some are long. Some are shorter. Some are fatter. Some are skinnier. The stripes are never identical and it changes through the start of the loaf in the middle of the love and the end. So no two are alike,” said Linda.

They have 14 different flavors including: Peppermint, Raspberry, Clove, Butterscotch and Sassafras.

In addition to the handmade candy canes, they also make chocolate and Christmas treats in store.

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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