North Liberty man accused of shooting dog is ordered to surrender all weapons

Jon Hanley// Photo Provided

New details are being released in the case against a North Liberty man accused of shooting someone's pet dog in the head.

Jon Hanley is charged with felony criminal recklessness. He appeared in court Tuesday.

A spokesperson for the prosecutor's office says they updated charging documents to say "…Jon Hanley did recklessly perform an act that created a substantial risk of bodily injury..." to a person. Previously, it said "to a dog."

Court records say Hanley shot a gun pointed near the dog's owner.

Hanley appeared in court Tuesday, where the judge told him that he is to surrender his firearms.

Court documents say the dog approached Hanley after getting away from its owner and jumped on Hanley.

Records show Hanley says the dog bit him. Investigators say Hanley has an eighth of an inch red mark where he says Major bit him.

Police say Hanley returned to his car to get a handgun and fired two shots at Major while the owner was holding the leash.

One shot hit the dog in between the eyes.

The Lakeville police chief says Major is now able to walk on his own. He's being treated at Purdue Animal Hospital.

Animal advocates from the community were in court to support the owner.

"Major was tragically shot in his nasal bone, and we're very happy he pulled through this. But the laws need to change,” said Cindy Henehan. "Maybe some time, and maybe pay all of Major's debts from his surgery. And hospitalization that he's going through now."

When asked, Hanley did not comment.

The judge ordered him to do pretrial supervision. That includes a GPS monitor.

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