Notre Dame collects students' valuables to secure for holidays

Notre Dame collects students' valuables to secure for holidays. // WSBT 22

Notre Dame Police are helping students protect their belongings.

As students head home for winter break, most of their valuables remain on campus or in their apartment.

Wednesday, police are starting to collect personal items and bikes.

The University of Notre Dame is preparing for the long break.

Most students finish their finals, pack their bags and hit the road. Notre Dame Security Police want them to think twice before heading out.

As the snow falls over South Bend, students are gearing up to take their last finals.

While home is just a couple of tests away, police want people to protect their belongings before they leave.

"In that haste it's understandable that you want to get home. You're not conscious security minded wise that ‘hey there is a potential that I didn't leave my light on people are going to think that nobody's home," said Captain Rob Martinez, Crime Prevention and Safety.

Notre Dame officials say burglars wait for winter, especially around college campuses to break in.

That's why they're collecting any valuables students are afraid could be stolen, but don't want to take home.

"Any type of musical instruments, any flat screen TVs, maybe computers that you don't want to bring back home. You can bring that to Notre Dame. Usually smaller type appliance things but it could be anything worth value," said Martinez.

But that's not the only things they're locking up. The department is also taking students bikes for the winter.

“Usually they just bring their own bikes in and if it’s not registered, we register it for them and they keep tallies on a certain mark," said TJ Dockery, campus safety officer.

Last year they saw more than 500 bikes come through the program and could see even more this year.

They'll keep them on a ramp inside Notre Dame's stadium.

“There is a camera at the top and bottom, just for security purposes and they are locked up around the fence," said Dockery.

So as this semester comes to a close, police are assuring students the campus is safe and sound.

They will be collecting bikes and personal items until Friday. To drop off your valuables, the office will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you can't make those hours, they ask that you just go to the first floor dispatch window.

As for your bikes, the campus will hold onto them until the weather warms up by spring break. There is no charge.

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