South Bend parents browse options at 'Focus 2018' meeting

South Bend parents browse options at 'Focus 2018' meeting. // WSBT 22

Big change is coming for South Bend students.

Parents got a chance to browse the options.

The school board passed the Focus 2018 plan last month. The plan impacts every student.

Tuesday the focus was on elementary and middle school students.

Parents could browse tables to get more information and by far the most crowded table was the one for Clay. This school will become a kindergarten through eighth grade magnet next year and is applying to become an International Baccalaureate program.

Now is when parents need to decide which option is best for their child.

Some students prefer science, others like art, some sports.

Kaden, 4, is still figuring it out.

"He changes it every day. One day he wants to be a doctor. They next day he wants to be a teacher like me. He's all over the place," said Lydia Bolls, parent.

While he has time to figure out his career, his mom has less time to figure out where he should go to kindergarten.

Location is just one of many factors.

"I was looking more for a program that's geared towards children with IEP'S. He's had an IEP since he was two, so I'm trying to get him in the best school that can help with children in special education," said Bolls.

What every parent there wanted is something different. But what they won't find is tables for Brown, Green or Eggleston, all of which are closing after this year.

Those parents have to find something else, but the school corporation says those students are the minority.

"There are a lot of families who love their school. They love their principal. They love their teacher and most families will be able to stay in the same school next year," said Sue Coney, director of communications.

Some may want a change.

The line was long in front of Clay International Academy, each parent wanting to know more about Clay's new IB program and its new kindergarten through eighth structure.

"I like the fact that we won't have to keep moving our kids from school-to-school and learning new friends and teachers and people, so that interests me," said Beth Clark, parent.

The plan Focus 2018 now entering 2018 which means parents will soon see the changes in action.

If parents were unable to make it out Tuesday, each magnet school will also be holding an open house.

Clay's open house is on January 31.

The application for a magnet school is due by February 16.

It is not first come, first serve, so parents can take their time in applying.

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