Pete Buttigieg winner of Democratic primary for South Bend mayor race


Incumbent Pete Buttigieg easily beat challenger, 2nd District Councilman Henry Davis, Jr. Tuesday night, receiving nearly 78 percent of the vote.

The race results were known within less than an hour of the polls closing.


Mayor Buttigieg sees the primary victory as a mandate for the work he started in his first four years as South Bend mayor.

Once he arrived at the West Side Democratic Club he held off on making an acceptance speech until the city clerk candidate he endorsed, Kareemah Fowler, showed up.

The party was much more about her victory been Buttigieg's.

Nevertheless, Buttigieg says his victory tonight was about the importance of the cities leaders working together.

"I believe if there is one resounding message from the people of South Bend tonight, it's work togetherbeing civil," Buttigieg said.

Buttigieg will face Republican Kelly Jones in the mayor's race in November.

She is a relative newcomer to city politics and was uncontested in today's primary.

What's next for Henry Davis, Jr?

The big question surrounding the losing opponent, Henry Davis Jr. is what's next?

His answer was to "get some rest and make sure my son gets to school in the morning."

Of course, many people are wondering about his more long-term plans. Specifically, will he run for Common Council again?

According to state law, Davis can run for his district seat again, but he cannot run on the Democratic ticket, only as a third-party candidate.

And he hinted that it could happen.

Davis strongly criticized the Democratic Party saying the city has suffered under their rule. He pointed to poverty levels and the federal investigations into city government officials.

He says he does not support Mayor Buttigieg or the current administration.

"Absolutely not. I'm going to tell you this right now and I mean this at a 100 percent level -- this current administration and the Democratic Party has really made me feel like this is not the party to be," said Davis.

The following response was issued Wednesday morning by the St. Joseph County Democratic Party:

Addressing the South Bend primaries, Chairman Jason Critchlow stated;

"I think a clear message has been sent by the voters in South Bend. The Democratic Party was successful in recruiting and supporting high quality candidates with the ability to move South Bend forward. Led by Mayor Pete's resounding victory, I am pleased the community responded so strongly to our message of professionalism and positivity in moving South Bend forward."

Addressing the Mishawaka primaries, Chairman Jason Critchlow stated;

"This Primary field showed the confidence that the Mishawaka community has in our Democratic ticket led by City Clerk, Debbie Ladyga Block. With newcomers Bryan Tanner and Joe Canerecci joining seasoned councilmembers, I am very confident that the Democrats will pick up at least two seats on the council and retain their majority this Fall."

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