Plymouth man gets invitation to speak at White House

White House in Washington D.C.// WSBT 22

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a Plymouth businessman. He got an invitation to speak at the White House.

Wednesday, Joel Neidig stood in front of a crowded room at the White House to talk about the success his company and other manufacturers have made and the future of manufacturing in the United States.

In 1955 Joel Neidig's grandfather founded ITAMCO in Plymouth.

Since then, this family owned business has made gears for many heavy duty industries like mining, off-road highway vehicles, and aviation.

Customers include NASA and the Department of Defense.

"We continue to grow. We recently expanded some of our manufacturing capabilities into some new five access equipment in gear manufacturing,” said Neidig.

Just a few days ago, Neidig got a call to come speak at the White House.

The event aimed to celebrate the program Manufacturing USA started by the President in 2012.

The goal of program was to foster more technology in small business and the greater manufacturing community.

“So it brings up a lot of opportunities to kind of put our name on the map,” Neidig said.

He says the future is bright for his company and manufacturing in the United States and business continues to expand and grow.

He also says it's bringing a lot of innovative products to the table such as 3D printing and technology that will allow you to connect multiple digital devices.

"In 2006, we purchased a large facility in Artist, Indiana. And we continue to create new jobs in manufacturing there. Kind of bring new technology and kind of transform from not just a job shop but a technology and engineering company,” said Neidig.

Unfortunately, Neidig didn't get to meet the President-- who was on vacation in Hawaii.

Despite that he says he had a great first trip the White House and it was very exciting opportunity that he will never forget.

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