Plymouth mayor says he's proud of cooperation shown after tragic bus crash

Photo provided by police

On Thursday Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter posted to his Facebook page that he was so proud to see the cooperation of police and school counselors following the tragic bus crash Wednesday that resulted in the death of Winamac Community Middle School student Owen Abbott.

In my eleven years as mayor of this wonderful city in which we live I have never been prouder than I was today. As everyone knows by now an Eastern Pulaski School Corporation bus was struck from behind by a straight truck as it was northbound on US 31 about half-way between Argos and Plymouth. An 8th grader riding in the rear of the bus passed away. Several others were injured.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi and I went to the crash site to support the Plymouth Fire Department. I was in awe of the cooperation that I witnessed between the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department, the Indiana State Police as well as the PFD and Marshall County Coroner John Grolich. Because it was a school bus crash it became the investigation of the ISP and there must have been 30 troopers there working the crash reconstruction and investigation.

Sean and I then went to St. Joseph Regional Medical Center. This time I got emotional. To see each and every Plymouth Community School Corporation councilor there assisting with two bus loads of 8th graders from another school corporation was just amazing to me. Plymouth Superintendent Andy Hartley and Washington Discovery Academy Principal Lauren Cooper were there as well to greet the staff and parents of the Eastern Pulaski Schools.

I know that we often train for the worse hoping that we will never have to use that training, but today we witnessed the best that a community can bring to the table. Thanks to all of you for being there for so many others!

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