Police and parents call for drivers to be alert as school starts this week.

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Summer vacation is over starting this week.

With Mishawaka schools having students walk to school, police are calling upon drivers to be careful.

"Slow down. Pay attention to your school zone lights, they will be flashing," said Mishawaka Lieutenant Tim Williams.

Lieutenant Williams says people need to put the phone down, give extra time to get to work and pay attention to where the school zones are.

"We stop some people, they tell me they didn’t even see the flashing lights," said Williams. "So if you’re not paying attention to the flashing lights, you’re not paying attention to our children when they are walking on our road.”

Parents are asking drivers to listen.

"Drive like your kids live here," said Dennis Kendall.

“Stay off your phone and pay attention to what’s going on around them," said Scott Fisher. "There are kids all around over. Her life is not worth your two minutes of phone time.”

Williams says there will be extra officers monitoring school zones.

But it's also a time where kids are relearning the routine.

"They might be excited, they might not be paying as much attention," said Kent Mckesson. "They might be expecting drivers to stop or to be aware of them and they might not be aware of a car. And a car versus a five or six-year-old child or even a 17-year-old child, the car is going to win every time.”

Jennifer Graham says she isn't taking the risk and drives her daughter.

"Safety first and I’d much rather know that I’ve done everything as a parents to protect her in every way I can," said Graham.

Graham knows not every parents can drive their kids, but want others to be vigilant.

"There’s always some reason somebody has to be speeding, going through a red light," said Graham. "I would never forgive myself if it was just that red light that could possibly take a child’s life.”

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