Police: Board game "LIFE" ends in real-life arrest for LaPorte Co. man


    LAPORTE COUNTY - The popular board game ''LIFE'' apparently was too life-like for a LaPorte County man jailed after tempers flared with his spouse and he allegedly tried outrunning the police.

    Richard Taylor, 48, of Mill Creek was booked into the LaPorte County Jail for Class A misdemeanor resisting law enforcement.

    He posted $605 cash bond the next day, said LaPorte County Jail Commander Mike Kellems.

    According to LaPorte County Police, officers were called to Taylor's residence near Mill Creek before 9 p.m. Saturday.

    The investigation revealed Taylor was playing LIFE with his family and at one point landed on an area of the board that revealed he just got married and has children. Taylor made a remark about being married already in real life, something that his wife found hurtful.

    During a heated argument, police said Taylor went to the bedroom and was lying in bed when his wife came in and the verbal confrontation resumed.

    There was no physical contact, but the exchange between the couple was violent enough for police to be called.

    Taylor left the residence before police showed up but while officers were outside on the property looking for him they spotted the man a short distance away.

    He took off running and kept ignoring commands to stop even when threatened with a taser gun, police said.

    Officers were now in some brush chasing him when Taylor stopped but only after reaching a dead end on the path he was running on.

    According to police, Mr. Taylor had consumed a lot of alcohol during the evening, which could have contributed to the incident.

    ''Sometimes that's what fuels the fire,'' said Kellems, a former patrol officer and detective in his near 30-year law enforcement career.

    ''I've seen a lot of unusual things in my day, but I'm not sure if anyone has engaged in a fight over a board game,'' said Kellems.

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