Police dog added to Concord schools' police force

    A police dog was added to Concord schools' police force. // WSBT 22

    There's a new officer roaming the halls of a local school.

    WSBT 22 told you how Concord schools established its own police force last year.

    That force now has four officers. The newest recruit has four legs!

    Since the beginning of the new school year, the newest member of the Concord Police Department has reported for duty.

    Jax is a 2-year-old German Dutch mix German Shepherd.

    His partner and handler is Officer Darrin Tucker.

    It’s a first for the school system to have its own police dog used to do random searches.

    “Kids know that he is going to be searching lockers hallways, classrooms, vehicles in the parking lot and so the biggest thing is we want to be a deterrent to say, ‘Hey we are a drug free school and we don't want drugs on any of our campuses,’” said Chief Nic Minder, Concord Police Department.

    “With the school forming its own police department, they choose to be proactive in the area of crime and crime prevention and this was just adding another laying to that. So our number one goal here with the police canine is prevention,” said Tucker.

    Jax is centrally located on the campus and can move on a moment’s notice.

    “You know if we feel like we need to do a search, Darrin's right here and he's able to bring Jax over. He's also in the high school. His office is in the high school, so Jax is primarily there at the high school and available at any time,” said Minder.

    Like the other three officers on the Concord Police Department, Jax works a regular shift. He gets a good chance every day, to put his training to good use.

    “We try to do searches on a daily basis throughout the district. And we have had one find so far in the district in a vehicle in a parking lot and we were able to take care of that situation with the school administrators,” said Minder.

    For Jax, every day is different.

    Jax and his handler have been training together since May of this year.

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