UPDATE: Elkhart police say mother and 2-year-old son are found

Rachel Followell and her son, Charles, have not been seen since September 4.

UPDATE: The missing mother and son have been found.

ORIGINAL STORY: Rachel Followell, 37, and her son, 2-year-old Charles Followell, have not been seen since September 4.

Investigators say Rachel was last seen driving a white, 2002 Ford Windstar van, Indiana plate 942EEW

Rachel is 5'1", 181 pounds with blond hair and green eyes.

Charles is 2'5", 30 pounds with blond hair.

Authorities ask if you have information about Rachel or Charles Followell, call police.

Some people familiar with the situation are worried the 2-year-old could be in danger.

Rachel Followell, 37, and her son are missing.

Someone familiar with the situation says she has disappeared two other times.

“We really didn’t think anything of this, this is typical behavior of her. She disappeared two other times this year,” said a concerned person.

This person wants to remain anonymous because of how close she is to the situation. But says her main concern is for the child.

“She actually only has custody of one son. The four other children have been removed from her care and been placed with either their biological fathers or a biological grandmother,” said the concerned person.

She says the other children involved are concerned for their youngest brother.

“The one child is very stressed out, because she’s worried about the 2-year-old and where he could be with his mother,” said the concerned person.

Rachel’s last known address is at this home on Tipton Street in Elkhart.

A neighbor that didn’t want to go on camera, told WSBT 22 she last saw Rachel carrying the 2-year-old to her van a few weeks ago.

Investigators say they are currently looking into leads.

“What we typically try to do is figure out what are addresses that they go to often. And then we’ll send an officer, see if they are there, and follow up on it,” said Travis Snider, Elkhart police.

But right now this investigation does not meet the criteria for an Amber Alert.

“It’s not unusual in this particular situation for her to go out town with her children, so there was no immediate sign of danger. Had there been we would have contacted an Amber Alert because there was a child involved,” said Snider.

But people involved with the situation are still concerned about Charles, Jr.’s safety.

“I honestly hope that they are able to find Charles, Jr. and remove him from her care,” said the concerned person.

The person close to the situation says Rachel might be in Michigan. That she had heard from a relative that's where she was headed.

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