Police: South Bend home invasion suspects left their IDs at scene

Robert Baker and Delron Patterson // Photos provided

Police in South Bend say two home invasion suspects were helpful enough to leave their IDs at the scene of the crime.

The July 23 home invasion-turned shooting incident happened on Illinois Street. The male victim of the home invasion claims two men entered his residence with firearms.

The male victim crawled to the kitchen as he heard several gunshots go off. That’s when his girlfriend returned fire from the kitchen.

She told police she believed she hit one of the suspects, but they were able to leave the scene. Officers responded to the scene and saw a white vehicle outside the residence.

Near the vehicle an ID card was found with the name Robert Baker, say police. Soon after that police say a man named Robert Baker showed up at Memorial Hospital with a gunshot wound.

Police say Baker told them he and another person, Delron Patterson, went to the home to try and steal marijuana.

The woman who lived in the home later told police she found a wallet with an ID inside belonging to Delron Patterson. She said she found it in the rear of the residence as she was running outside the house.

Both Patterson and Baker are charged with attempted robbery.

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