Police urge you to be aware of package thieves after Amazon Prime Day

Police urge you to be aware of package thieves after Amazon Prime Day. // WSBT 22

This week feels like Christmas in July.

With Amazon Prime Day being this Monday and Tuesday, there will be an influx of package deliveries in neighborhoods.

This could be an open invitation for thieves.

Packages often are stolen off of doorsteps during the holiday season.

Now that Amazon Prime was this week, police urge you to be aware of any suspicious activity in your neighborhood.

There's a lot anticipation that comes with waiting for a package to arrive on your door-step.

But what if that package never shows up?

"We've had packages stolen we've had mail stolen out of mailboxes," said Ted Bohner

Package theft happens especially after holidays or in this week's case, after big online sales like Amazon Prime Day.

Police warn you to be extra vigilant these next few days.

"I think the best thing is to be a good neighbor. Keep an eye on your neighbor's home for anything suspicious, for package deliveries if you do see something suspicious, be a good neighbor grab those packages off the front porch send them a text saying, ‘Hey you have a delivery. I have it in my house for you.’" said Bohner

Amazon Prime Day is expected to generate $3.4 billion worldwide which means a lot of deliveries.

Online shoppers like Greg Szymarek make sure to always keep an eye on his online orders.

"Most of the time I track them online on the UPS app or the USPS or even on Amazon they'll put the tracking information on there, so we'll get notifications when they're out and delivered. Usually we're home," said Szymarek.

There are features on Amazon and other online shopping sites that allow you to request an item be delivered to a safe place or require a signature and Syzmarek says that makes all the difference.

"The UPS guy or the Post Office guy or mailman, when you get to know them, they take extra care they stick if behind a bush or stick if off to the side and things like that when you help them out they help you out,” said

Police say there are also a few tips that you can follow without the help of the post office or delivery company.

"Try to be home when your package is supposed to be delivered. If you can't do that, see if the shipping company can hold it until you get back. Have a friend pick it up and watch your home for you and if you have something delivered, take it into their home and wait for you to get home from work and give it to you," said

Police say if you’ve been having continuous problems with your packages being stolen, investing in a camera hooked up to your doorbell or some sort of camera outside your home.

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