Project Appleseed: Guns and history


If you heard gunshots in Niles Saturday, it may have been from the folks at Project Appleseed.

A group of about 30 is taking part in one of the weekend clinics aimed at improving marksmanship and teaching American heritage.

Project Appleseed is a nationwide nonprofit and has two-day weekend classes in northern Indiana and southwest Michigan.

While a large part of the experience is learning how to accurately shoot, instructors say the mission of the group is bigger than the targets they aim at.

"Our whole purpose is to remind people of the sacrifice of their forefathers and to think about what we have in this country, and frankly to get involved," said Kris Rich, an instructor with Project Appleseed. "Whether that's running for Congress, or going to a PTA meeting, we want people to be involved and be part of the system."

The group says they welcome everyone to sign up, no matter what the age or experience level with firearms.

The clinics are offered a few times a year in different locations.

They only cost $60 but you need to bring your own gun.'

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