Protesters, supporters gather for President Trump's Elkhart rally

Protester's outside the site of President Trump's rally in Elkhart // WSBT 22 photo

Protesting presidential visits to the area isn't something new. When Former President Barack Obama spoke at Notre Dame in 2009, there were protesters there, too.

In Thursday's case, with President Donald Trump's rally at Northside Middle School in Elkhart, protest organizers said they disagree with the president's policies and that's why they were there.

Protesters slowly started gathering around 3 p.m.

Directly across the street, Trump supporters were waiting in line to get inside of Northside Gym.

There was some interaction between the two sides. While they waited there was some yelling of between the two groups, mostly negative comments.

At one point a debate broke out but it did not escalate further.

Protesters say they disagree with the president on issues like immigration, the environment, and foreign policy.

"I'm from the 60s and we were taught to leave our world in a better place than it was when we first inherited it,” said a protestor. “I believe their policies are going to fall very short of that goal."

Both side say everyone is here expressing their rights.

"Well It’s their freedom of speech to do it, so I can say they're not allowed to or it's wrong,” said a Trump supporter. “I'm actually happy that they do because it's their right to do it and of course I may not agree with it all or whatever but it's not my concern."

While there has been a lot of back and forth between these two camps, for the most part people on both sides hoped the protest remained peaceful.

FULL VIDEO: Watch President Trump's speech in Elkhart

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