Radiation Awareness Week: Officials want you to be prepared if nuclear emergency happens

    Officials want you to be prepared if a nuclear emergency happens. // WSBT 22 photo

    Officials want you to be prepared if a nuclear emergency happens.

    They are raising this awareness now during Radiation Awareness Week.

    Preparation is especially important within our viewing area. That’s because just about all of us are within what’s known as an ingestion pathway zone. It’s a 50-mile radius around a nuclear power plant, considered most at risk if a radiological incident happens.

    It is unlikely due to the many safety protocols in place, but it’s possible that you, your pets and livestock could be exposed or even contaminated.

    Food and water sources are also at risk.

    The CDC suggests before an emergency, you prepare an emergency kit. Stock it with food and bottled water, a radio and personal items, like medication.

    Officials say potential nuclear incidents can range in severity and scope. That’s why they urge you to stay tuned via radio, television or social media if possible, so they can tell you what to do.

    “Some of the easiest things would be stay in your home until you were told otherwise. There may be some instances where you can evacuate but that would be very, very unlikely. When it comes to foods, cover the livestock feed for farmers. Move your livestock indoors if possible,” said Kaci Studer, IDHS Radiological Emergency Preparedness.

    The CDC says removing your outer layer of clothing once safely inside can lower your exposure to harmful radioactive material.

    Some treatments are available for limiting or removing internal contamination.

    For more information, log onto Emergency.CDC.gov.

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