Family and friends march for South Bend mother killed in officer-involved crash

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    Family, friends and community members marched tonight (Monday) in support of the mother of two who died in an accident involving a South Bend police officer.

    It was a peaceful protest with forceful demands.

    Dozens of people showed up outside the County-City Building before marching to the South Bend Police Department, all to show support for Erica Flores and her family. They also wanted to present a list of demands to police.

    “I don’t want my sister’s death to be let go, like it never happened,” said Soraida Flores, Erica’s sister.

    The Flores family is again demandng justice after Erica was struck and killed by South Bend police officer Justin Gorny back in July.

    This is video of that violent crash, given to us by an attorney for the Flores family:

    A grand jury voted against charging Officer Gorny, but South Bend Police Chief Scott Ruszkowski is recommending to the Board of Public Safety that he be fired.

    “Today, we stand together in the face of adversity,” said Jesusa Rivera, event organizer. “Today we are still seeking the America, one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”

    Jesusa Rivera, who helped organize the march, called out city leaders and expressed disappointment in what she says is a ‘lack of leadership’.

    “We waited for the county prosecutor to take the lead, but he didn’t,” said Rivera. “We still wait on our mayor to take the lead. We respect our chiefs call to fire this officer, but yet, that is still not good enough.”

    Several people who participated in the march also signed a list of demands that Erica's sister then delivered to South Bend police.

    Those demands include calls for more accountability and improved representation for minorities.

    Soraida says all she can do is continue to fight

    “In this case, all we want is justice,” said Soraida. “Every bad action should face a consequence.”

    The Board of Public safety will be meeting on Wednesday morning (the 19th) when the Chief's recommendations is presented to them that Officer Justin Gorny be fired.

    Several family members and supporters told us they plan to be at that meeting.

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