Recount will continue in St. Joseph County Democratic sheriff's race

The recount will continue in the St. Joseph County Democratic sheriff's race. // WSBT 22

The recount will continue in the St. Joseph County Democratic sheriff's race.

Metro Homicide Commander Tim Corbett announced the decision Thursday to continue the process.

He trails county police Lieutenant Bill Redman by just over a dozen votes.

After the absentees were counted, the margin between the two candidates was even slimmer.

Out of all of the votes stored in the machines, about 22,000, now only 14 separate Redman and Corbett.

Thursday was the deadline for Corbett and his campaign to decide if they wanted to open up the recount to even more votes, this time the walk in votes.

The decision is to next count 40 precincts out of 220 and see if that makes any difference in this very tight race.

The counting for those 40, chosen at random, will begin Monday.

"Where the precincts are: District 1, district 2, district 3, and South Bend, then we have Penn and all the townships, Mishawaka, so there will be selection from all of them," said Jim Korpal, head of the recount commission. "…I’ve always found that the machines themselves have always been pretty accurate, so we will have to see if that stays the same.”

If after the 40 precincts are counted, Corbett wants to continue on, every single vote in the warehouse will be sorted through. But it won't just mean more papers. It means more manpower on the recount commission.

“If that's going to be the case, then I'm going to go back to the judge and ask him for more people to accommodate because we have to be done by June 29th,” said Korpal.

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