Religious leaders respond to proposed Elkhart Co. immigrant detention facility with prayer

Prayer vigil held Saturday in Elkhart County // WSBT 22 photo

Religious leaders and members of the community came together Saturday night to oppose a proposed immigration detention facility in Elkhart County.

The facility would be built and run by CoreCivic, a private prison company.

The groups held a joint prayer service.

Some say if the facility is built, they will move.

Others are choosing to take this as an opportunity to strengthen the community.

"We don't need that type of thing to divide us further," said concerned citizen Bryan Mierau. "What we're looking for is opportunities to build, tear down walls, build up structures of mutual trust."

Pastor Rebecca Kuiken says her church shares the same concerns.

"We're going to pray in Spanish and English," she said. "We're going come across many denominations. And so the barriers that the world may give for us, or the barriers that historically have been present among Christians in America. We're going to break those down tonight."

Action on the proposal may come next month when the county's planning commission takes up the issue.

Watch the full report from WSBT 22's DJ Manou in the video above for more.

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