Road conditions: Police respond to more than 60 crash reports Thursday due to snow

Road conditions: Police respond to more than 60 crash reports Thursday due to snow // WSBT 22

While Thursday's snow isn't very deep, it was off and on all day long, causing some slippery streets.

There've been many crashes reported in South Bend.

South bend police told WSBT 22 they've responded to more than 60 crash calls Thursday morning through the afternoon.

When the snow first began to fall, many of the main city streets were causing some problems for drivers.

There was a 10 car pile-up on Angela drive near the old St. Joe High School. There's a steep hill there.

As of 4 p.m. Thursday, the street department seems to have a handle on those main streets.

The ones you need still need to be aware of are side streets.

A spokesperson from the South Bend street department says they've been treating streets with a brine/salt mix since Monday night.

They began plowing right when the snow fell, but by that time many people were already on the roads starting their commute.

There were several slide offs and crashes Thursday morning on the toll road.

Some people WSBT 22 spoke to were disappointed with the road conditions Thursday morning, but street crews say they did the best they could.

"You can't start plowing until the snow comes down and so that was the biggest issue there, is just making sure that when it comes down we are out and ready to go," said Derick Roberts, director of streets and sewers for the city of South Bend.

"How are we going to take our kids to school? If the roads are icy, you don't want to take your kids because that's endangerment. How are you going to get to work? You can't go to work if the roads are slippery, because how you going to make it there?" said Niki Lofton, South Bend resident.

Our next big snowfall is expected Saturday.

Crews from both INDOT and the city of South Bend say they'll be fully prepared for that when it comes.

In fact, South Bend officials say they're in the best shape they've ever been in when it comes to salt supply. But that doesn't mean you don't have to slow down, leave plenty of space between your car and the one in front of you.

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