Road conditions slick throughout the area

Road conditions today in Berrien County. // WSBT 22

Take your time if you're heading out on the roads Wednesday you could run into some slick spots.

WSBT 22 Reporter Cassidy Williams has been keeping an eye on area roads.

WSBT 22 talked with the Berrien County road department superintendent. Here's the things he told WSBT 22:

  • Emergency night crews have been called on Wednesday
  • On nights like Wednesday they focus only on primary roads.
  • Also there for emergencies, if police or fire departments need to get somewhere the road crews are there to help.
  • Biggest issue this week is salt hasn't been working. They've been mixing in more sand to try and get traction on the roads.
  • The crews are running out of places to put snow off the roads, no time to thaw.
  • The road department asks people to be patient, don't go out if you don't have to.

All eastbound lanes of the Toll Road were blocked at the 63 mile-marker because of an accident involving two semis, according to dispatch.

The lanes became blocked around 8:47 p.m., just west of U.S. 31.

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