Road crews talk about what the commute will be like Friday morning, urge caution


Now that the blistering cold temperatures are leaving, a lot of us are heading back to work or school tomorrow.

So what impact will tonight's snow have on the morning commute?

Road crews will be out, but they urge people to be cautious.

The main roads may look pretty good right now, but there are several roads in rural areas that are covered in ice.

Adding an inch or two of snow on top will make the roads that much tougher to navigate.

It's back to work and regular life for many, but the roads are still a slick reminder.

Adam Parkhouse from INDOT says the subzero temperatures limited what they could do with salting.

“Just tossing it on the road is more or less wasting it,” said Parkhouse.

Even jumping up to double digit temperatures won't be an instant fix.

"Obviously the air temperature has something to do with it, but the road temperatures are going to remain pretty low especially with the snow falling,” said Parkhouse. “That is certainly going to create some issues for us as far as our salts and chemical de-icers being really effective.”

It’s hard to believe but he says there is one bright side of the record setting cold.

“The snow should push off the road pretty easily,” said Parkhouse.

Berrien County Road Department Director Jason Latham says nearly every road has been treated in Berrien County, but will still have snow and ice.

“The roads will be slick,” said Latham. “We have some hard pack on the road that probably is going to be icy in a few places.”

He says the biggest challenge is for people on the side streets or getting out of their driveways.

“By the time you get to the state highways whether it’s Indiana or Michigan, they should be in pretty good shape,’ said Latham.

Crews will be working overnight and have a simple goal.

“Push it off the road as fast as we can, keep these roads as passable as we can. And then the good news is the warmup will come and clear stuff out of here.”

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