Rose ceremony held to remember departed fathers

Osceola Rose Ceremony // WSBT 22

Father's Day is a tough holiday for those who have lost loved ones.

But this holiday, people celebrated those fathers who are no longer with us.

Dozens of people gathered for a Rose Ceremony honoring departed fathers. The even brought strangers together in one room, none familiar with another's name, but all raising their voices in a shared song about loss.

"When you've experienced a loss, it's helpful to have others around you that have experienced similar losses," says Lori Smith, Community Outreach Coordinator for Chapel Hill Funeral Home.

It's the first-ever event held at the Osceola funeral home, so people wouldn't have to celebrate solo.

Families were serenaded with songs about the bond between fathers and children. Anyone who came took home a rose.

Behind each face was a memory. Behind each rose was a name.

David Pedzinski's yellow rose was for his grandson, Nathan.

"Died when he was 28-years-old and had a short life," Pedzinski says. “We had some good times together.”

Pedzinski says the ceremony gave him a support system, less than a year after the death of his grandson.

"Just like the pastor was talking about the thorns. It's just one of the thorns," he said.

Pedzninski said the day was more like a rose petal because his song was not sung alone.

"Just to know that you're not the only one, only one that suffers from loss," Pedzinski said. "But life goes on."


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