Rum Village program helps kids connect with nature

WSBT 22 photo

From taking a hike in the woods to seeing reptiles up close, the Rum Village Nature Center is hosting educational programs every Sunday to give kids a better understanding of nature.

These programs are meant to help children feel comfortable being in nature.

The kids will get to see animals they wouldn't see unless they hiked through the woods.

Some programs will involve hiking in the woods, while others will be held in the nature center.

Kids will also be taught how to preserve wildlife.

Rum village says they need these programs now more than ever.

“It’s really important now more than ever,” said Director Garry Harrington. “There’s a huge amount of the kids in this community that just don’t have that much connection with nature, so it’s really nice to get these kids out here and see these animals and plants for the first time.”

These programs will also be offered in Spanish.

The Spanish programs will be from 11 to noon on Sundays.

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