Saint Mary's basketball team adds a very special team member


The gym was packed.

The crowd was screaming

And tonight, Saint Mary's Women's Basketball team officially welcomed a new member.

When most 10-year-olds go to basketball games, they may sit in the stands, but not Bryanna Sikora.

"For her to be able to be a part of this is a big deal," said her mother Cindy Sikora.

Wednesday night, the Saint Mary's basketball team signed Bryanna as the newest member of their team.

"She loves to be the center of attention. She loves to be a part of something bigger than her, and really that's what being on a team is all about," said Saint Mary's basketball coach Jenn Henley.

Bryanna hasn't had an easy journey. She was born into the world exposed to drugs. Bryanna lived with the Sikora family as a foster child until age 3, when she was adopted by her parents Cindy and George.

But in her short 10 years, she has battled through health complications. Bryanna can't speak and has to use a screen to communicate.

"When you have a child that's going through this there are going to be moments they are left out and it's heartbreaking," said Bryanna's mom. When you have an opportunity come along like this it's wonderful because she feels a part of the team and they make her be a part of the team."

And the Belle's jumped on board to make Bryanna one of their own.

An organization called Team IMPACT chose Bryanna to partner with the Saint Mary's team forever, meaning this is just the beginning.

"We're really making this a lifetime experience for her I think this is something she'll never forget," said player Sarah Macius.

And even though Bryanna just met the team a few months ago, she's quickly becoming one of them.

"It's great to have my team here, they are like my own family and it's great to have Bryanna signing with us tonight and she's really officially becoming part of our family," said Timoney Moyer, a sophomore on the team.

The team also hosts parties for Bryanna about three times every month.

They also call and send emails after away games so that she can continue to stay up with what the team is doing.

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