UPDATED: Flooding leads to evacuations and dozens of road closures

Goshen Police Department Photo

THURSDAY UPDATE: There are dozens of roads closed across the region. We are seeing record flooding in areas of Michiana.


The Elkhart County Sheriff's Department issued the following release:

With continued rainfalls overnight and reports of road closures and high water reported throughout the unincorporated areas of Elkhart County, Elkhart County has moved from an advisory to a watch travel status for motorists. A watch travel status means that conditions are threatening to the safety of the public. During a “watch” local travel advisory, only essential travel, such as to and from work or in emergency situations, is recommended, and emergency action plans should be implemented by businesses, schools, government agencies, and other organizations.

Below is a list of road closures and roads that are covered in high water and that have been reported to the Elkhart County dispatch center. Though the list isn’t inclusive of all problem areas, officers are continuing to respond to motorists who are disregarding road closed signs which is resulting in their vehicles becoming disabled. Officers have responded to approximately 50 calls for service to assist motorists. Motorists are urged to obey road closures and to use caution when traveling and to avoid driving through roadways that are covered with water.

If residents are in need of sandbags, below is a list of locations for filling sandbags for Elkhart County residents provided at no cost. Those needing to fill sandbags should bring their own shovels and a way to load and transport them to where they are needed.

· Elkhart County Highway Garage, 59308 CR 7. Located ½ mile north of CR 26 on the east side.

· Boy Scout Camp Parking Lot, located on CR 46 west of SR 15 about ½ mile on the north side.

· Elkhart City Street Department, 2421 South 17th St. Elkhart

· Goshen City residents ONLY: 475 Steury Ave. Goshen, Goshen Street Department.

· Nappanee Street Department, 849 E. Wabash St., Nappanee, IN 46550

An additional road closure has been reported by the Elkhart County Highway Department to include CR 17 between CR 40 and CR 142. The roadway is starting to break apart at this location due to the base under the asphalt being saturated with water. The roadway will remain closed to motorists until the issues can be addressed.


In Goshen, the mayor declared a state of emergency.

According to the Elkhart County Sheriff's Department:

Mayor Stutsman has declared the City of Goshen is under a state of emergency due to flooding. All city offices are closed to the public. Essential city personnel only will report for duty. Traffic is limited to first responders, emergency personnel, and hospital staff. If you need assistance please contact 9-1-1 for emergency service and non-emergency assistance 574-533-4151.

The following release was issued by the mayor's office:

Mayor Jeremy Stutsman and Elkhart County Commissioners have declared the City of Goshen under a State of Emergency. We are experiencing severe flooding with record river levels. Please limit all travel. If you are already at work it is up to each business to decide when they release. If you are not at work we are asking you to stay home. City crews are working hard to manage issues as best as possible. City offices are closed but phones are being answered and all essential staff is active. Please do not hesitate to call with reports or questions. 574-533-8621. We will continue reassessing the situation and updating through facebook and media.

On Wednesday morning first responders were helping evacuate people at Creekside Estates in Goshen, a mobile home par, due to flooding.

The Red Cross says they have a shelter open. 418 W. Franklin in Elkhart -- that's the Elkhart Central Christian Church. The number is 574-293-0668. A Red Cross spokeswoman says they have 19 people there at this time. Police and fire have been taking people there overnight.

City of Elkhart

During a Wednesday morning briefing Elkhart's mayor said they had 19 water rescues. He also gave information about road closures. Watch here.

Mayor Tim Neese has declared the City of Elkhart under a State of Emergency.

The City of Elkhart is operating under a Travel Watch, meaning that conditions are threatening to the safety of the public. During a Travel Watch, only essential travel, such as to and from work or in emergency situations, is recommended. Tickets may be issued for non-essential travel in areas directly impacted by flood waters. Emergency action plans should be implemented by businesses, schools, government agencies, and other organizations.
A non-emergency phone number has been established for residents seeking updates on the flooding, including information regarding shelters and emergency transportation. This phone number is 574-293-8931. If you have an emergency, please call 911.

A phone number has been established for residents seeking updates on the flooding, including information regarding shelters and emergency transportation. This phone number is 574-293-8931. Emergencies, call 911.

Road Closures:

• Old Farm Drive, Entrance to Old Farm Apartments from Mishawaka Road. Residents can still access the apartments via the Bent Oak entrance off of County Road 7

• Arch Street

• Folsom Street

• East Indiana Avenue, between Goshen and Grand Avenue

• South Main at Concord Mall

• McDonald Street from Princeton to Grand

• Richmond between Middlebury and McDonald

• Princeton from Middlebury to Aspenwald

• Area of Jefferson and Fifth Street

• Sherman Street from Riverside to Third

• Middlebury from Richmond to Grand

• Third Street from Pottawattomi Drive to Washington Street

• Pottawattomi Drive West of Main Street

• 100 block of North Fifth

• 100 block of North Sixth

• Waterfall Drive from Prairie to Blazer Blvd

• Blazer Blvd from Goshen to Richmond

• Tipton South of Middlebury


CR 1 between CR 46 and CR 146


CR 3 between CR 26 and CR 28

CR 11 between SR 119 and CR 42- Closed

CR 13 between CR 52 and CR 54

CR 17 between CR 40 and CR 142

CR17 between CR48//CR50 –Closed

CR 17 between CR 56 and South County Line

CR 18 between CR 13 and Keltner-Closed

CR 19 north of CR 142

CR 21-59000 block impassable- Closed

CR26 between CR3//CR22-Closed

CR28 between CR9//CR11- Closed

CR28 between CR101//CR3-Closed

CR 30 between CR 1 and County Line-Closed

CR 30 between CR 7 and SR 19- Closed

CR 31 near CR 18 intersection- Closed

CR32 between CR9//CR7-Closed

CR36 between CR 43 and County Line-Closed

CR 38 between CR 7 and CR 9- Closed

CR 46 between CR 11 and CR 13- Closed

CR 46 between West County Line and CR 1- Closed

CR 46 between SR 19 and CR 7- Closed

CR46//CR13 –Closed

CR 56 between CR 13 and CR 15

CR 56 between CR 15 and CR 17

CR 100 W. between CR 200 and CR 300 N.

CR 127 between CR 44 and CR 46

CR146 between SR15//CR21

CR150 between SR19//CR7-Closed

CR 290 W between State Road 120 and CR 300 W (along Pigeon Lake)

CR 400 N between 100 E and 200 E

CR 400 E between 250 N and 400 N

CR 450 W between US 20 and CR 100 N.

CR 1000 W between US 20 and CR250 N.

CR 1050 E between US 20 and CR 100 S.

CR 1150 W between CR 250 N and CR 350 N.

Old CR 17 south of CR 30-Closed

Bashor west of Greene Rd- (Goshen)-Closed

Chicago between Pike and Lincoln (Goshen)-Closed

Chicago south into Linway (Goshen)-Closed

DeCamp Gardens Neighborhood flooded

Denver between Pike and Lincoln (Goshen)-Closed

Denver and Wilkinson (Goshen)-Closed

Huron between Pike and Chicago (Goshen)-Closed

Lincoln from Huron to Chicago (Goshen)-Closed

Linway Plaze (Goshen)-Closed

Oakland and Wilkinson (Goshen)-Closed

Modrell at Adams and Woodlawn Intersections (Elkhart)- Closed

Pike between Chicago and Denver (Goshen)-Closed

Reliance Rd-South of Bashor/North of Clinton (Goshen)-Closed

State Road 5 betwen CR 250 N (Middlebury St) and CR 450 N.

W. Plymouth (SR 119) between Indiana and S. Main St. (Goshen)-Closed

400 block of S. Indiana (Goshen)-Closed

900 block of E. Lincoln (Goshen)-Closed

1100 block of Berkey (Goshen)-Closed


CR1 between CR22//CR24

CR 5 and CR 2

CR 6 and CR 10

CR 7 at CR 46

CR 8 between CR 131 and CR 27

CR 11 south of SR 119

CR 13//CR26

CR13 between CR26//CR28

CR 13 beween CR 28 and CR 126

CR13 between CR 30 and CR 32

CR13 south of CR44

CR 13 between CR 52 and CR 54

CR 127 between CR 44 and CR 46

CR 31 between CR 18 and US 20

CR 31 at CR 38


CR131 between SR120//Bonneyville Mil

CR131 North of CR8

CR13 between CR28//CR126

CR18 between CR17//CR19

CR19 North of CR142


CR 21 between CR 20 and CR 26


CR 26 East of CR9

CR 26 west of CR 21

CR 126 between CR 11 and CR 13

CR 27 Near CR 112

CR 28 at CR 9

CR28 between CR113//CR15


CR28 between CR 9 and CR 11

CR3 between CR26//CR28

CR30 between CR1//County Line Road

CR30 between CR1//CR3


CR 33 south of CR 20

CR 34 east of CR 29


CR 36 and CR 37

CR 38 between SR 13 and CR 41

CR38 between CR 31//Century Dr

CR 40 and the area of CR 9


CR 42 west of SR 19

CR 43 between SR 15 and US 20

CR 43 between US 20 and CR 16

CR 46 between CR 21 and SR 15

CR 48 between CR 7 and SR 19

CR 50 between CR 1 and CR 3

CR 50 between CR 21 and SR 15


CR 56 between CR13//CR15

CR 100 at CR 34

CR 100 between US 6 and CR 56

CR 105 between CR 20 and CR 24

CR 146 between SR 15 and CR 21


SR13 between CR52//SR13





State Line Rd-West of Tharp Lake Rd

State Line Rd west of CR 15


200 block S. Indiana (Goshen)

200 block N Main St- sink hole (Goshen)

209 Chicago-Kroger parking lot flooded (Goshen)

300 block of Blackport (Goshen)

300 block of W. Oakridge (park & cemetery-Goshen)

Adams and Woodlawn (Elkhart)

DeCamp North from CR 18 (Elkhart)

Main St. between Pike and Clinton- large pot holes (Goshen)


There are dozens of roads closed right now, but arguably the most impactful in South Bend is Michigan Street at the Leeper Park bridge. It is closed for possible structural concerns due to flooding. That impacts people from the north getting to Memorial Hospital and into DTSB.

The following release was issued Thursday morning by the city of South Bend:

There have been several flood developments overnight in the city.

The St. Joseph River reached 12.7’ at 1:30 a.m. before falling to 12.5’ earlier this morning. The river has not yet peaked upstream of the city, and we expect to be above the level for flood conditions for at least several more days.

The Waste Water Treatment Plant was shut down last night in order to preserve treatment processes. The plant has restarted and is operating at limited capacity. Residents can still use water normally, but any flow that cannot be processed at the treatment plant will be overflowed to the river. Flooding has not affected City drinking water, which is treated separately and remains safe to drink.

Several more roads around North Shore neighborhoods were closed overnight:

-Ostemo Pl. from Lafayette Blvd. to Iroquois St.

-Iroquois St. from North Shore Dr. to Parkovash Ave.

-Marquette Ave. from Angela Blvd. to North Shore Dr.

-the intersection of River Ave. and Edgewater

Michigan St. remains closed between North Shore Dr. and the Bartlett roundabout. A live map of road and park closures is available at Last night the Street Department ran two vactor trucks patrolling main streets, as well as four patching crews completing 311 work orders for pot holes.

Residents should continue to respect closures and road barriers. Do not drive on closed roads even if they are dry, as they will need to be inspected for safety after water recedes. Residents should also follow signs and barriers around parks and trails. Stretches of the East Bank Trail have begun to collapse; trying to access these spaces is dangerous. Under the emergency travel advisory, those disregarding closures and barriers will be ticketed.

Last night two individuals stayed overnight at the O’Brien emergency center after being displaced from their home.

Mayor Buttigieg and City officials will provide a briefing at noon today at the Century Center Island.

Several roads are closed in St. Joseph County:

Beech Road from Osborne Road to New Road

Douglas Road from Buckeye Road to Beech Road

Early Road from Wintergreen Road to Walnut Road

Elm Road from Tyler Road to Kern Road

Fillmore Road from Snowberry Road to Tulip Road

Jewel Park – Topaz Street, Ruby Street, Opal Street, Jewel Avenue East of US 31, south of US 20 By-Pass

Kenilworth Road from Tyler Road to Shively Road

Kern Road from Ironwood Road (Hawthorne Road) to SR 331

Kintz Road from Juniper Road to Bracken Fern Drive in Fernwood Subdivision

Layton Road from SR 331 to Elm Road

Madison Road from SR 331 to Elm Road

Michigan Street between Bartlett and Northshore

North Shore Drive between Angela Boulevard and Michigan Street

Pierce Road from West County Line to SR 4

Quinn Road from Place Trail to Walnut Road

Quinn Road from Tamarack Road to Redwood Road

Redwood Road from Shively Road to Riley Road

Riley Road from West County Line to Walnut Road

Riley Road from Mulberry Road to SR 931

Riley Road from Sr 331 to Gumwood Road

Roosevelt Road from Ironwood Road to SR 331

Rush Road from SR 2 to Harrison Road

Tyler Road from Tamarack Road to Redwood Road

Tyler Road from Kenilworth Road to Juniper Road

Windingbrook Drive (Windingbrook neighborhood) at Heritage Drive and at Hearthstone Drive

Wooddale at Laurel Road

According to a release from St. Joseph County Engineer Jessica Clark:

The southeastern and southwestern portions of our community are under water, please drive cautiously. Areas not susceptible to flooding have water crossing over the main east-west and north-south County Road network. Please be aware that several warning signs are either damaged or washed away with the running waters. We strongly urge drivers to avoid trying to drive through the water especially if you are unable to determine its depth. Portions of Juday Creek have overtopped its embankments and is flooding lower lying adjacent local roads.

View a live map of streets closed due to flooding:

331/Bremen Hwy

A WSBT 22 viewer reported several vehicles floated off the road into a field on Riley Road between 331 and Miami Hwy. This is in St. Joseph County. Police closed 331 between U.S. 6 and the Bypass to keep people from driving through flood waters.

Remember, if the road is flooded you can't always know how deep the water is. Turn around, don't try to drive through. That could save your life.


Marshall County officials have declared a travel warning for the entire county -- meaning travel is banned on roads in the unincorporated areas of the county. Highways, such as U.S. 30 and U.S. 31 and streets located within city and town limits are NOT included in the travel restriction.

See an interactive map from INDOT that shows roads closed due to flooding.


Southwest Michigan is also seeing flooding.

The Cass County Sheriff's Office issued the following release:

This morning water continues to rise due to more rain overnight. The waters near lakes and rivers will continue to rise and should hit peak tomorrow (Thursday.)

The most up-to-date ROADS CLOSED LIST:

Davis Lake Street (Lane to Ashton)

Union Road north of US-12

Mason (Kessington to Tharp Lk)

Mason (Tharp Lk to Calvin Center)

Wayne St (Union to Baldwin Prairie)

Goff Lk south of Stevens Street

Starbrick Street Tharp Lk to Calvin Center

Grange St (Tharp Lk to Calvin Ctr)

Here is a list of road closures that was updated Wednesday morning:

Remember, if you see water going across the road, turn around. It doesn't take much water to sweep your car away.

Sandbag locations in St. Joseph, Elkhart counties

Please be aware that you will need to bring your own shovel to fill the bags. Click here for a list of locations.

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