Snow piles. Whose job is it anyway?


Snow piles-- some of them higher than your head. Those snowy heaps are the remnants of our last few days of wintry weather and they can be dangerous.

The higher they become the harder it is to see around if you're trying to turn onto a busy road.

Big box stores are famous for their hulking snow plow piles. Residential areas and apartment communities also end up with their own mini-mountain ranges.

But when those piles get too big whose job is it to clean them up?

"Whoever owns the apartment complex or that business who stacks it up near the street to create that problem, that is an issue for the private contractor or that company or organization to maintain,” said Mishawaka Street Commissioner Tim Ryan.

Ryan says his crews only clean public streets, sidewalks and parking lots. But the city still has a say in how private organizations -- like apartment communities -- clean their snow.

"The city ordinance basically states that all your snow, both residential, commercial, must be maintained on your property,” said Ryan.

He says if you call code enforcement, staff there might be able to help you deal with the property owner.

In the meantime, just be careful around those giant piles.

"You just have to use a little common sense and work your way out and make sure you're clear before you get out,” said Ryan.

WSBT 22 spoke to a few apartment communities about their snow plowing policies.

Remington Court says maintenance crews don't build piles at the entryway, they take the snow to other parts of the property.

Main street Village says crews pile snow first to make sure the streets are passable. Then as soon as weather clears then break the piles down.

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