Some Concord Township homeowners say a property owner has goats, tractors in yard

Some Concord Township homeowners say a property owner has goats, tractors in yard. // WSBT 22 photo

Some homeowners in a Concord Township neighborhood say something is becoming a real eyesore.

They say one property owner is storing construction equipment and tractors in his yard along with several goats, even though it's a residential area.

Neighbors also say a repair business is being operated out of the garage.

The county has reached out to the owner about several code violations, with little success.

Realtor Jeff Chupp is helping to renovate and sell next door on County Road 26.

Behind the house next door, the backyard is filled with a variety of old tractors, several small buildings, materials and even a goat pen all in residential area.

The front yard has other things.

“He's got two rusty bulldozers, a cargo trailer, a roller compactor like you would use for installation of asphalt, all kinds of industrial and transportation equipment that is not supposed to be in a residential neighborhood,” said Chupp.

He says the owner also repairs lift equipment in his driveway.

Chupp has contacted Elkhart County officials, who he says have given the property owner several chances to get permits and variances for some items, but that hasn't happened.

“It’s just a complete eyesore. Other neighbors who I have talked to are very disappointed that there's been no progress making him clean that up. It really is hurting the neighboring property values,” said Chupp.

WSBT 22 talked with one home neighbor, who did not wish to go on camera. He said he and several other neighbors have called county police or county code enforcement several times in an effort to try to address issues with this property. He said they are waiting to see what will happen.

The county has taken several complaints and reached out to the property owner.

“There's not been much response from the land owner, so we're put in a position where we have to start forcing the issue for compliance and that might be through legal proceedings in a courtroom,” said Chris Godlewski, co. plan director.

WSBT 22 reached out to the property owner for a comment on the situation, but have not heard back from him.

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