Some people worried about extra visitors near Northside Middle School from campaign rally

Some people worried about extra visitors near Northside Middle School from campaign rally. // WSBT 22 photo

A local school will have a lot of visitors in the coming days.

Voters will head to Northside Middle School in Elkhart Tuesday to cast primary election ballots.

Then on Thursday, President Trump will hold an event there.

Some people are worried about all these extra visitors.

The county clerk was there setting up for Tuesday. He says he's not expecting any hiccups with the election.

But you don't have to look too far for people who are worried about how the president's visit will affect them later this week.

"Just getting around. This is a central area and I am over here a lot. I know it's going to be hard because any other time the president drove through town it was really hard to get from one spot to the next," said Christian Schwartz.

Schwartz's grandma Diane Dekeyser lives there near Northside Gymnasium.

He's not just worried about getting to her house, though.

"I'll probably be running around, doing stuff with my girlfriend. It's going to cause a little bit of trouble. She's got to work, take her to work, you know what I'm saying?" said Schwartz.

Dekeyser isn't worried at all.

"I'm already home from work so I'll just stay here and peek out the windows," said Dekeyser.

She's not the only one feeling that way.

Mike Funderburk and Jim Hannah are working hard on some construction projects now, so they don't have to be around on Thursday.

"We were really trying to beat the rain. We didn't know the venue was getting changed until this morning, so I'm glad we're doing this," said Hannah.

"I don't live in town so I won't come into town that day," said Funderburk.

Even with those travel concerns, people are excited to have such an important guest in town.

"We don't normally have this kind of excitement around here," said Funderburk.

"Since we were the poster child of the economic downturn for a while, I think it's neat to have a president come back and celebrate," said Hannah.

"I think it's great. I think people need to be more aware of what he is doing instead of cutting him down all the time," said Dekeyser.

You can still register online for tickets to the rally.

You're limited to two per mobile number you enter and they're given out on a first come first served basis.

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