Son of slain Indiana SWAT officer receives police escort on 1st day back to school

Show of support: Over 70 officers escorted five-year-old son of slain officer on his first day back to school since his dad's death. (Courtesy: Samantha Phegley/Sullivan Elementary School/ CNN Newsource)

SULLIVAN, Ind. (WSYX/WTTE) - An Indiana boy received a big show of support Monday as he headed back to school for the first time since his father, who was a police officer, was killed in action.

Over 70 officers from Terre Haute and Vigo County sheriff's deputies lined the sidewalks as five-year-old Dakota Pitts arrived at school.

The officers presented Pitts with a SWAT shirt as he was wearing his father's badge.

Police said his father, Rob Pitts, was killed last week during a three-hour standoff.

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