South Bend Charter School could close without a sponsor


Nearly 200 students may have to find a different school next fall.

Xavier School of Excellence is losing its sponsor.

It's looking to another group to keep the school opened.

Ball State University will no longer sponsor the school in June, so Xavier is reaching out to the Indiana Charter School Board asking it to support the school's future.

But finances and student performances could play a major role in this decision.

Xavier School of Excellence offers another choice for parents searching for the right school for their children, but without a sponsor parents may lose this option.

Parents, teachers and students gathered tonight to encourage the Indiana Charter School Board to sponsor the facility.

Many parents told stories about how Xavier helped their child go from being known as the "problem student" to the honor roll.

“My son started waking up and he was like 'I’m ready to go to school.' On Saturdays he's like I can't wait until Monday so I can go back to school. And I'm like where is this child coming from you don't even like school. He talks about his teacher and he gets to do this. He gets to go check in. They do fun games with him,” said Candice Coburn.

Coburn says this school has offered help to her whole family.

“It made me feel like I am not actually alone working by myself. No matter what I have support myself right along with my son,” said Coburn.

Xavier received a D letter grade from the state in 2015-2016 and an F in 2016-2017.

But despite the school grades and falling enrollment the director says this school offers help to students who can't succeed in other districts.

We offer more than academic support. They offer positive behavioral support, social and emotional support. So we are very much needed in the community,” said Samantha Smith.

Monday night’s meeting was just for public comment.

The Charter Board representatives didn't say what they were looking for.

They're expected to make a decision next month.

Xavier says if it doesn't get support from the board it will look to other options to keep the school open.

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