South Bend dad creates Potty Duck, a potty training toy

For most families, potty training is a process. A local dad has created a fun and educational product to help teach your toddler how take care of business on the toilet -- and you could soon start seeing this toy on shelves of some big box stores. It is called the Potty Duck. It is a duck that uses the potty.

Fred Longeneck wants to help you ditch the diapers.

“Take the duck under the water, fill it up and learn that pee belongs in a toilet,” says Longenecker as he demonstrates how to use the Potty Duck.

Longenecker invented the bath toy.

“You are sitting on the edge of possibilities all the time,” says Longenecker, “an inventor is someone who says what if we actually did that?”

His ‘a-ha’ moment came more than 20 years ago.

“It started with my 2 -year-old daughter we were playing with a leaking bath toy and I enlarged the hole in the base and we pretended to make it pee,” says Longenecker, “two days later we are in the living room. she stands up and says I want to go like – and names the squirt toy. I’m like oh my, she learned.”

A few years ago he partnered with a pediatrician friend and together they created Potty Duck.

The rubber duck can be filled with water and kids can pretend it is peeing in the toy toilet. The best part? Kids can then flush the toy toilet and watch the water drain. It is a bath toy that allows kids to learn new skills.

“At the beginning we wondered, are other children going to catch on like this? But it is proven. My pediatrician partner originally, the first year she was just using it with her patients but now we are hearing stories from families across the country,” says Longenecker.

Longenecker says his toy is effective because kids learn best through play.

“It is a habit you need to build. It is not the first night. It is a habit forming,” says Longenecker.

The toy is now available on amazon:

Bed Bath and Beyond is featuring the toy in their baby stores in June. You will be able to buy it at buybuy Baby during its National Potty Training Month.

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