South Bend faces decision deadline in police wiretapping case


The city of South Bend is facing an early March deadline to decide how to proceed with the wiretapping lawsuit involving the police department.

Common council members met with their attorney behind closed doors Monday to get an update.

The case goes back six years when the council first asked the city administration to release tapes recorded by police officers.

Just last month a judge decided the police officers do not have a claim against the council.

With the officers now out of the lawsuit, the administration needs to determine how it will proceed.

But council members say no matter what the administration decides, it will keep fighting to have the tapes released.

"Council doesn't really care what the city does. They'll make their decision and we'll decide on how to proceed from there. Obviously if the police officers are no longer in the case against the council and the city decides that it doesn't want to be involved anymore, then the council is pretty much a one party to make its arguments to the court on whether the tapes should be released," said Bob Palmer, council attorney.

The city has a few weeks left to decide if it wants to change its counter-claim against the council.

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