South Bend sisters create art for a good cause


Making a difference one painting at a time.

Two local sisters are using their imagination to help sick kids.

These sisters have quite a collection.

The South Bend sisters started creating art work as a way to pass the time.

But eventually their work caught attention from others.

That's when their grandmother realized the paintings had more to offer,

Customers of Riley's Studio One hair salon in South Bend know what to expect when they come in for a haircut.

But in the last month there is something new on display. Painted canvases created by these two sisters.

5-year-old Lillian Garner uses bright colors in her art work.

And 6-year-old Aubriee Bradley likes to paint her family.

Their grandmother and the salon's receptionist, Renee Houp says, this all started when she was trying to find something for them to do.

"We wanted to keep them off of the internet and off of the cell phones so we thought it would be more creative to have them painting and doing their own thing instead of that,” said Houp.

Houp says it didn't take long before customers showed an interest.

The customers are in awe they wonder how a 5-year-old and a 6-year-old can be so creative and so colorful and actually fill a canvas. Like the two of them do. And actually they offer to buy the paintings,” said Houp.

“We want to sell paintings so we can earn money for it,” said Aubriee Bradley.

Now the sisters are painting them to sell.

100 percent of the proceeds will go to St. Jude's Children Hospital.

Houp says she's not surprised customers want these art pieces in their home.

"We have a very artistic family. I'm impressed but I was pretty sure that they would be good at it,” said Houp.

Both sisters encourage other kids to paint more.

Bradley says they're more than happy to show them how.

“They need to learn how to paint and if they don't know then they can come look at ours,” said Bradley.

The salon owner plans to host a silent auction for the paintings.

If someone is interested in buying a piece it can set them back about $20.

You can see the artists at work most afternoons.

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